Planning a holiday or day out shouldn't have to be so hard!

If you've ever tried to plan a holiday with really nice accommodation, when you, or someone in your holiday party requires accessible and supportive facilities, you will know just how frustrating that this can be! This site lists properties which offer at least one disability friendly option, sometimes more and you will often find relevant photos and extra details to help you decide where you want to stay.  We encourage property managers to provide as much information as possible and you can reward those that do by adding a review on this site once you've stayed there.   Fortunately, a growing number of accommodation options are making a real effort to consider the needs of customers with disabilities.  GetGoStay focuses on properties which claim to offer more accessible options for their customers.

GetGoStay seeks to improve the situation by providing you, the customer with more information. The information on this interactive site follows a consistent template and provides opportunities for you to review and give feedback for the benefit of future customers. As the best service providers experience increased custom from the general public, other service providers will be encouraged to find ways to positively build on what they can offer to customers with disabilities. Keep tabs on this site as we build the information base to help you make informed decisions and provide useful feedback for other people out there!  Better still, if you'd like to contribute, register online and follow the prompts to share your own knowledge for the benefit of others!

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Do you know of a fantastic place to stay with lots of great accessible features?   Perhaps you know of a wonderful disability friendly park or service you think is really worth talking about.  

Why not share this with everyone else. Tell us the name, address,  phone number and key points about the site and we will add it to GetGoStay. Hope to hear from you soon! Click Here

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Welcome to GetGoStay.

This is the place to get current information on lifestyle options that include accessibility. At present we are focussed on building the database for holiday and temporary accommodation options around Australia.  So if you are planning a holiday or need information about accessible options in a particular area, checking here could save you a lot of time and trouble.  Looking for temporary accommodation near a medical facility?  Our site has information on a number of options near hospitals in Brisbane and Toowoomba.  Research is now underway for similar options in other areas.

Looking or a holiday that has wheelchair accessible rooms, level access and is not too far from great attractions then choose from our Holiday options.

 Keep tabs on this site as we build the database to give you the information you need and allow you the opportunity to feedback to others your own experiences with accommodation when travelling.

Look under Devices for information on wheelchairs, scooters and more.

Why create GetGoStay

Finding suitable places to stay when planning a trip for whatever reason can be very frustrating when extra facilities such as grab rails in the bathroom and a wheel-in shower are required.   It was clear that a centralised information site like GetGoStay was sorely needed.

This site gives you the opportunity to suggest properties or other information that you believe should be on here, provide reviews when you stay at an accessible property. GetGoStay provides a database of accessible accommodation options with information, reviews and pictures provided.

At last you have more information at your fingertips for making a decision and be able to provide feedback about your own experiences!