Accessible Public Toilets

Public toilets which are completely accessible can also be a bit of a lottery. These days many councils are installing state of the art accessible public facilities, but one still hears of instances like the especially built wheelchair accessible toilets at a well known beauty spot, where the path to get to this designated 'accessible' toilet is almost impossible to traverse. On occasions, one also discovers brand new 'accessible' public toilets where the spring on the inward opening door is so strong that it takes all the strength of a standing able-bodied person to open it! It is something of a mystery as to how the person in the wheelchair is going to get in and out again, especially if they are on their own! Fortunately the federal government has put together a fantastic resource called Toiletmap, providing information on accessible toilets all over Australia.  Here is the link. has been developed by the Australian Government's Department of Health and Ageing.   It can be used on any mobile phone with an internet browser and also the Apple Ipod.

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