Liberty Swings

An Australian innovation, the development of the Liberty Swing originated in Geelong in 1988, designed by a builder, Wayne Devine, who wanted to offer children and adults with a disability, the opportunity to experience the fun of using a swing. Now Liberty Swings can be found as part of playgrounds in parks all over Australia and in many other countries as well. Liberty Swings always have a fence around them similar to a pool fence, with a lockable gate. If the user wishes to swing whilst in their wheelchair, they simply wheel up the ramp to access the main carriage. The wheelchair is then locked into place with a locking device through the wheels. There is a small seat which can be put in place for those wishing to try out the swing without a wheelchair, including other friends and family members.

The key is used to access the safety belt compartment, the gate (if there is onel) and importantly, to release the ramp for the swing to become operational. With the exception of New South Waales, any liberty Swing key will open any Liberty Swing in Australia and can be obtained in a variety of ways. Some councils in Australia keep keys for the swing at their offices and will lend them out in exchange for proof of residence being shown. Some will also make them available for sale for a small fee. Sometimes keys will be kept nearby at a kiosk or community facility and in this instance information will usually be placed on a nearby sign.

In New South Wales, people with disabilities can access public amenities with an MLA key. This is a special key which can only be made or copied by a Master Locksmith. The Liberty Swing is locked with the same key which ensures swing security when not in use. Residents of New South Wales with a disability can obtain one of these keys for their personal use, not just for swings, but for accessing other public facilities.

Some Liberty Swings already feature on the GetGoStay website under the 'Things to do' heading including swings at Caloundra, Toowoomba and near Ipswich.

Location of Liberty Swings

Details of Liberty Swing locations can be found on the distributor website:

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 and Liberty Swings overseas:

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