What is the right wheelchair for you? Here we look at a range of specialty chairs, where you can buy them and where you can hire them or load them for free.

Holidays, bush walking or trips to the beach are can all be accessible.

Beach wheelchairs: Where to get one

What a wonderful addition beach wheelchairs are to the lives of people with disabilities who want to access the beach and other rough surface, off road conditions. There are quite a few different designs out there, from the smooth, balloon type tyre we see most often in Australia, to tyres with a large tread, such as those sold in Melbourne by Achievable Concepts, one with solid wheels and even a style in America using a tank type tread system. One design actually floats once it is in the water and it is possible to purchase various additions such as

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Choosing a wheelchair

Choosing a wheelchair can be a daunting experience. You may be looking for one for yourself, or, as in my case, searching for one for someone else. There are so many to choose from and your particular needs will dictate the sort of chair you end up buying. Some of you will be waiting for government funding approval for the creation of a chair which exactly meets your needs, whilst others simply want to find something suitable for yourself or someone who is only going to be using the chair occasionally. If you are in the latter category, then there are shops specialising in assistive devices and many pharmacies, hospitals and

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